Rafe is a country singer and songwriter from Duluth, Minnesota whose music journey began on a road trip to Texas. After spending his emergency gas money on a vintage guitar in Austin, he gave his two week notice at work, and started performing around Duluth for tips. As the crowd began to grow at each show, he was contacted by a music producer in Nashville, and flown down to Music City to start recording some songs he’d written. His ties to Nashville eventually provided him the opportunity to write with world-class songwriters, collaborate with Grammy award winners, and record a full-length album at Sound Stage Studios on Music Row. As he worked to expand his portfolio, he quickly amassed a following back home in Duluth, drawing thousands out to his shows and opening for acts such as Jake Owen and Tyler Rich. Rafe spent most of 2022 on the road, playing more than 140 shows in over 40 cities and towns thus laying the groundwork for a national following. A busy summer of touring didn’t stop him from also writing, performing, and recording in Nashville for much of the year, as he and his team put the finishing touches on a highly anticipated debut album.  

Growing up in a military family where both of his grandfathers served in WWII, the well-being of those who have served in the U.S. military has long been something he’s been passionate about. In his latest release, “A Place to Fall”, Rafe is donating ten times his overall streaming revenue to give back to veterans.  

Rafe is currently living in Nashville, and focusing on writing, recording, and finishing up his album. Stay in the know by following Rafe on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and catch him on his 2023 Summer Tour through the Midwest where he will be sharing the stage with acts such as Jon Pardi, Sawyer Brown, Trace Adkins, and many more. 



Written by Rafe for the movie “We Got Your Six”, A Place to Fall focuses on PTSD and the  struggles veterans face when they return home. The song has helped raise thousands of dollars to help veterans living with trauma.


Rafe’s first single out of Nashville was the song that put him on the map, and helped establish a dedicated fanbase.Lost and Found redefined “Country Rock” with a modern groove, catchy melody, and unmistakable riffs. 


With an upbeat rhythm, feel-good lyrics, and an easy to recognize hook, Just Can’t Explain has all the makings of a Summer Song. Co-written with country music icon and lead singer of Little Texas, Tim Rushlow


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